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The throw mechanism of the Collarum® is designed to last a lifetime under normal conditions. Although the cable is sized to be reusable, it will not last indefinitely. On average, three to four coyotes can be caught before cable replacement is necessary. With fox or dogs, the cable should last a great deal longer. The throw springs and cinch spring will wear out with prolonged use. They are easily replaced.

Coyote Model

Product Code: NWSCDM01

Collarum® Deluxe, stainless steel, humane, canine specific live capture device for such species as coyote, dingo, hyena and animals of similar size. Adjustable trigger, reusable cable, no rusting, low maintenance.

The Collarum® has been used extensively throughout the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Spain & Australia for the capture of canines. The military has used them on bases in Iraq & Afghanistan for the humane removal of feral dogs.

Fox Model

Product Code: NWSCDM03

Collarum® Fox model has arms which are 1″ shorter than the coyote model to acommodate the smaller stance of a fox and utilizes a 8.5″-9″ cable loop for animals up to 20 lbs. or with a smaller head; the cable diameter used for the fox model is 5/32″ with an appropriately sized Shurlock.  The fox model Collarum® also requires less space for setting versus the coyote model.

Animal Control Officer Package

Product Code: NWSACOSP

The Collarum® ACO Special contains everything needed for capturing that “hard-to-catch” domestic dog. Some canines can be shy and refuse to enter box or cage traps. The Collarum works on their “bite & pull’ feeding behavior. Hunger and/or food curiosity will help draw them in, and the desire to taste the bait will trigger the throw device to “Collar ’em”. Once captured, it’s like holding them on a leash.

Domestic Dog Model

Product Code: NWSCDM02

Collarum® Domestic Dog Model, utilizes the 3/16″ cable with a Relaxalock and an adjustable stop affixed to the cable to accommodate different dog sizes. This model contains arms and cable for up to a 12″ capture loop. Will handle 30 – 70lb. dogs or coyotes; more space needed than fox model or small dog, due to loop size and longer throw arms.

Wolf Model

Product Code: NWSCDM05

The Collarum® Deluxe is a humane, canine-specific live capture device specially designed for capturing wolves and animals of a similar size. The base unit of this Collarum® has been modified to include a longer trigger mechanism and throw arms to acommodate the longer stance of a wolf.  The cable assembly constructed of 3/16″ 7×19 Galvanized aircraft cable has a heavy duty stainless steel lock, a 135 lb. shock spring, a moveable stop on the cable to adjust for target animal, and a stainless swivel with Quick Link for anchoring.   

How To Use

A Complete Description and setting tutorial on setting the innovative Collarum® species-specific canine capture device. It is termed “species-specific because it requires an animal to “bite & pull” on the triggering mechanism. It is very similar to placing a collar on a dog !
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