The Finest-Canine Specific, Live Capture Device on the Market

Target Animals

Collarum® Deluxe, stainless steel, humane, canine-specific live capture device for such species as coyote, dingo, hyena and animals of similar size. Adjustable trigger, reusable cable, no rusting, low maintenance.

Why Collarum?

Canine Capture Device Designed to Meet International Humane Standards


The Demand

There is a worldwide demand for more humane devices to capture animals, both fur bearers and predators.


Target Animals

Designed to capture canines (coyote, fox, dog, wolf, etc.) by throwing a cable loop over their head and around the neck



This trap is much safer to utilize in areas where people, pets and other domestic animals may come in contact with it


See what customers have to say about the COLLARUM

Caught a coyote on my first attempt. These traps are very effective!

Rick Appleby

"Works as Expected"

We have used them for over ten years with confidence. Very safe around people and pets. The only device we use in many situations.

Tim Julien

"Safe in the city"

If you do urban predator control work and you don't have a Collarum in your arsenal, you're missing out! Whether it's fox, coyotes, or even a stray dog that you're after, the Collarum is the best answer for SAFE, live capture. Using traditional traps made me nervous in the urban setting with children and pets in the area. With the bite pull triggering system, a kid can step on it all day long without setting off the trap. In the rare instance of an incidental catch I can rest assured the no harm will come to the captured animal. The Collarum is definitely MONEY in my pocket!

Mike Wilhite

"Money in my pocket"

At a time where coyote problems are increasingly becoming a issue in many residential areas across the nation, everyone is looking for safe, effective management and control measure of coyotes. With methods of snares and foot holds being a liability in neighborhood use, this offers safe and highly effective control methods. We are 100% convinced, and will be utilizing it in our control management plans. Thank you to WCS and Alan Huot

Ryan Hall

"Coyote Collarum is Highly Effective"

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