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The throw mechanism of the Collarum® is designed to last a lifetime under normal conditions. Although the cable is sized to be reusable, it will not last indefinitely. On average, three to four coyotes can be caught before cable replacement is necessary. With fox or dogs, the cable should last a great deal longer. The throw springs and cinch spring will wear out with prolonged use. They are easily replaced.

Collarum® Models

Stainless steel; throw mechanism, cinch spring, capture cable, spare cable, extra clips, 2 bait caps–includes instructional video and printed instructions with initial order.

Part #
NWSCDM.01Coyote model
Coyote Model (choice of live catch or lethal cable)
Arms and cable for 12″ capture loop; heavy duty springs for poor soil, bad weather, long duration sets; (harder to cock the throw mechanism; more space needed for the set than fox model)
NWSCDM.02The Collarum Dog model
Domestic Dog Model
(3/16″ Relaxalock™ cable)
Arms and cable for 12″ capture loop—
20 -60 # dogs or coyotes; lighter duty springs for shorter set periods and closer supervision; easier to cock than coyote model; (won’t throw as well in heavy soil, poor weather; more space needed than for fox model)
NWSCDM.03The Collarum for fox capture
Fox model
(choice of live catch or lethal cable)
Arms and cable for 9″ loop–for animals up to 20 # or with smaller head; shorter trigger; lighter duty springs because not throwing such large loop; less space required for set
ACO SpecialACOSP Special
Animal Control Officer Package
Domestic dog model PLUS:
2 rebar stakes for anchoring
2 pegs for setting throw mechanism
1 screw link on cable for easier transfer of canine
1 prepared bait cap
1 soaker hose bait cap
1 – 4oz. jar of specifically formulated
canine bait w/ bait spreader for applying
5′ security cable for theft prevention.
Basically, this kit is everything one would need, “right out of the box” to capture a canine!
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